A Healthier Social Feed: Top 4 Mental Health Influencers

As i’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve recently became so bored with the same Instagram feed of pretty outfits and MUA make-up looks. I went on a mass unfollowing spree one day of any accounts that I tended to compare my life to and that gave me encouragement for unhealthy patterns and behaviours – by the way I have nothing against the accounts that promote pretty things at all, I just have my own confidence issues I have to deal with. So, now my feed is full of positive messages and influencers who broadcast mental health support. I have so much respect for people with a large following who focus on these real topics! They all know what a career in social media demands (looking pretty, promoting products, etc.) but they still decide to go against it and talk about important issues. They’re not being paid to do it, they post real content and I love that about them. These are my top Instagram and social media influencers that I follow who promote mental health awareness in an amazing way.

Sarah Goodhart

If you don’t know Sarah Goodhart, she is an MUA based in Newcastle who has had a past on MTV reality shows Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach – but she is way more than just another reality star. She is by far one of my favourite Instagram icons and Youtubers, she is such a likeable person and dedicates her accounts to talk openly about her mental health in order to raise awareness of real issues. I follow Sarah on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube and just relate to so much that she talks about and posts.

In my darkest times when I completely lost myself as a person and felt so lost, I watched her Youtube religiously as she was pretty much going through the same thing and just to be able to relate to someone else, particularly a social influencer, just made me feel less alone and not as much of a total loss. She spoke a lot about party culture in relation to being in a dark place, and I couldn’t believe how much i related to every word! She made me make better decisions about who I spent my time with and how i dealt with my issues. Her mental health journey is documented a lot on her Youtube and Twitter, she really isn’t afraid to just be an open book about her struggles and quite honestly, she’s the inspiration behind me making this blog unanonymous to my name.

If you don’t already, I’d recommend following Sarah on social media and take a look at her Youtube, particularly if you struggle with anxiety (or even if you just love MUA looks, because her work is amazing). She will just give you some entertaining videos of a relatable voice that will let you know that it’s okay if you’re struggling but it will get better. Click the links to follow her Youtube, Instagram and Twitter accounts and i’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Chloe Blackburn

Chloe Blackburn is an Instagram influencer based in Newcastle who has always amazed me with her success, being the owner of a successful make-up artistry studio ‘CC Makeup Artists’ at just 22 years old. I’ve followed Chloe for years on Instagram, starting just because I loved her pictures of the make-up looks that she created (they’re incredible). I really like Chloe’s Instagram posts because they’re not your average Influencer pictures, she too talks about mental health in an open way and has done so many amazing things to contribute to raising awareness for real issues.

I just think that her posts are so relatable and real, she breaks barriers of the average fake life of an influencer and just shows herself for who she really is. Chloe has done so much self-motivated work for mental health, she frequently organises events to help those that are struggling. She’s made her own events to raise awareness for mental health, gave out mental health packs to the public simply just to help people and even does her bit to promote smaller businesses and MUAs which is such an admirable thing in this age. She really uses her large following as a platform to address bigger problems and I genuinely believe she has made a massive impact on the Instagram influencer world by showing how popular it can be just to be a real, genuine person.

Following Chloe will give you real posts to your feed which addresses mental health and charitable issues, which have particularly helped me when i’m struggling by just letting me know that there are people out there working so hard to make a difference! I’d follow Chloe here particularly if you’re from the Newcastle area so you can take part in any future events she may run, or even to just visit her beautiful studio to have your make-up done amazingly.

Jera Foster-Fell

Jera is an Instagram influencer and blogging icon in the world of mental health awareness. I started following her recently after discovering her amazing blog where she gives life advice which i’m sure everyone could find useful and helpful to their lives, I know i did. I just find her relatable and real, another successful influencer who uses her voice for the good in raising awareness of mental health issues.

I love her Instagram feed – she posts pretty pictures like all influencers do but her real personality shines through her social media accounts. She really takes a role of empowering women through encouraging us all to find our voice and break out of our comfort zone. She posts real-life images of her genuine memories which i also admire, it is quite rare to find this in many modern influencers these days as these authentic posts have been proven to appeal as less popular to brands looking to invest in an influencer – but she definitely makes it work!

I also really like Jera’s fitness posts. She lives a healthy life and although she promotes just being comfortable in your own skin as yourself, she also encourages me to work out more and learn better eating habits. I do think i need little posts of encouragement along my social media feed to make me get up off my lazy bum and just go to the gym, because it always makes me feel so much better afterwards and works wonders on my mindset and productivity! So, if you want some encouragement to just be a healthier, happier and more genuine person i’d give Jera a follow here.

The Mental Health Store

When you’re struggling, scrolling through feeds and stumbling across and motivational quote can sometimes work absolute wonders. I’ve kind of just accepted that social media is now a big part of my life and rather than trying to fight it like i have in the past by deleting all the apps and accounts (kind of just running from the issue) I’ve decided to just change how i use it to make it healthier for my mind. Social media isn’t just full of fakery, believe it or not. There are so many Instagram accounts out there that can help build a better feed! The Mental Health Store is one of those.

They regularly post inspirational quotes and motivating images which are designed to just give you a little lift. With their high activity, I will probably scroll past at least one of their posts every time i look at Instagram. It is just so nice to break up the usual selfies and gloating pictures with little pick-me-ups. They’re just nice to see and sometimes can relate so much to my current situation it can be exactly what i need to hear at the time.

My Instagram feed is full of accounts like this! If you type ‘mental health’ into the Instagram search bar, you’ll be amazed at how many helpful accounts there actually is. My feed is so much healthier now, when i scroll i’m not constantly comparing myself to beautifully airbrushed bodies, I’m being motivated and encouraged towards a better mindset. I’d definitely recommend everyone to follow them here, it’ll definitely brighten up your social feed and make your endless scrolling a little more beneficial to your mind.

So, those are my top four social media accounts which have benefited my mental health in my darkest times. I would like to take this as an opportunity to encourage you all to make a healthier social feed for yourself, your mind and confidence will thank you for it later! Think about any accounts that impact you in a negative way, whether you just find them annoying or they encourage unrealistic goals for yourself. Now, just unfollow them. Get rid of them, its as easy as that. Build a healthier feed with more positive messages and good vibes, and social media won’t seem like such a devil to you anymore – we can actually use it as a tool to benefit ourselves!

Stop being a slave to Instagram models and product endorsements. How many teeth whitening and fake tan companies even exist now? It’s a fucking joke! I just find #ad posts kind of cringe now, they seem so fake to me. Twitter is by far my favourite platform because it’s just usually funny videos and real tweets, the big bad marketing companies and businesses haven’t got their hands on our Twitter yet so it’s just full of genuine people. I still have a long way to go but my Instagram feed is looking better already! I can’t wait to have a fully-supportive social media system in place and start using it as a motivating tool in my life, I’d encourage you to do the same. And honestly, just steer clear of the explore page because no one needs that in their life.

– Beauty By Disaster x




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