What I Hate About The World

I know the title of this blog makes me sound like a negative b*tch, but I’ve seen a few blog posts on this topic and I wanted to do my own because believe it or not, I do have a fair few issues with the world. I love the world to be fair, there are amazing places and as humans we have done some incredible things. I’m in no way going on this big angry rant about the world and I’m not trying to come across as a downer, because I am actually pretty happy at the moment and simply felt like putting something a little more light-hearted on my blog for once. But, let’s  do what I do best and start slagging society off…

loud, annoying and offensive opinions

Keeping it a relevant to mental health: I hate insensitive people. One of my downfalls is I’m probably far too sensitive and can be offended by absolutely anything, you could say hello to me and I could analyse it to mean that you hate me. But in all seriousness, I’d rather be over sensitive than these harsh-minded people I see on social media and in public every single day. I try to avoid these people in my personal life as all of my friends and family are a lot like me and find the good in people (they say we surround ourselves with people similar to us). However , you just can’t seem to avoid these loud and insensitive people. They’re everywhere. What makes it worse is they just have to have their opinions heard, as though they are the most important voice in the world and everyone must hear what they have to say… which is usually absolute bullshit.

People who say drug addicts deserve to die, don’t consider homeless or people in poverty as important, ignore mentally suffering people as not having real problems or being generally insensitive to others. I’m sure you’ve heard people say things like this before. I feel like as humans we should always consider each other to be important, so when I see someone actively saying they are above anyone else because they have more money or are in a better situation than them I just hate it. I feel like it is so important to look beyond what things seem and make an effort to understand everyone as individuals. We all pass quick judgements which may not be true based on stereotypes, but it’s what we choose to do with these instinctual assumptions that define us as people.

I’ll paint a picture for you. Say someone overdoses on heroin and dies, you will have two types of people: the ones who find understanding and sadness in a troubled soul essentially taking their own life and the ones who deem that person a ‘junkie’ and make out the drug addict is lower than them and perhaps even unimportant. You’ll never see me associate with the latter; I couldn’t ever hold my tongue around anyone who says something so insensitive. Mac Miller’s drug overdose death was a massive example of this, people taking the piss out of him and labelling him a ‘junkie’ as though the life lost didn’t matter because drugs were involved compared to people sympathising with him and understanding the hell he must have been going through really sets apart the good from the bad. I think how people form opinions and react to scenarios like this defines them as a person, you can learn a lot about someone from their opinions on subjects like this.

I probably find good in people to the point where it’s ridiculous. I make excuses for people far too much and it is definitely a downfall of mine. I just won’t accept people are born bad, I make excuses that they may have suffered in the past or their actions compensate for other things. I think anyone who has studied psychology can probably relate to this as you are taught that all personality traits in every single human are taught through experiences and upbringing. I’m not saying people should be like me and try analyse every single person I meet, because I hate that I do that and sometimes wish I could just accept that some people are just shit. Just a little awareness into other people being human beings and understanding that mistakes don’t define a person. If you struggle with this, then simply not shouting out your offensive opinions will do the world of good.

Living in the moment is easier said than done

Something a little less dark, I hate the idea of living for the weekend. So many people wish away their whole lives and it makes me feel a bit sick. I am obsessed with finding the meaning of life and get existential anxiety every day, constantly asking myself ‘should I be doing this?’ and being overly obsessed with the idea that I’m not living life the right way. There is so much pressure now with social media where we can watch these amazing Kardashian lifestyles of being paid to exist, doing whatever you want and living in amazing mansions our entire lives. We just have to keep reminding ourselves it isn’t realistic, but it definitely has brought a rise of more people being unsatisfied with their lives.

The whole idea of working to survive, I hate. Spending our lives working for a company, putting all our effort into getting someone else’s dream just unsettles me. We work to pay bills, eat, survive and have to save endlessly to afford a little holiday away from life itself, then dread coming back to endure life again. I just hate this idea, and I can’t settle knowing that this is life (I also hate the sayings ‘that’s life’ or ‘welcome to the real world’ whenever I complain about this). Like, why are phrases like ‘we’re halfway there’ when we reach Wednesday even a thing? It cringes my soul when people say this to me because why are we wishing our lives away?

I do it all the time. I did it through school, uni and now through my twenties. I’d give anything to go back to school and in thirty years’ time I’d kill to be back where I am right now, but I know all I am doing while I’m in these good times is wishing them away. This is something I try to work on. I put a lot of effort into working towards getting a life where I am happy every day, which I think everyone should do too. It’s not easy to get a life that you enjoy but too many people settle for horrible lives and just live in misery. Slowly and surely I will get towards a life where I am happy 24/7 and living in every moment, not just counting down the days until I’m next jetting off on an aeroplane.

I try to appreciate life every day and make changes of things that i don’t like to find happiness (I will literally up and move countries if i have to). It’s a vicious cycle and very hard to tackle, but it starts with building a life that makes you happy. It’s just annoying that this takes time and i’ll probably have achieved it when i’m 60 years old wishing i was 21 again. What a vicious cycle.

fake clothing, fake people, fake conversations

 I just cannot stand fakery and the world is full of it. Our generation has probably become the most fake there has been and it’s sickening. What is even the crack with secondary school pupils wearing Gucci and Armani jackets? What is that all about? People are getting themselves debted up to their eyeballs with finance cars, designer clothing when they still live in their parent’s house and don’t have a penny to their name? Yeah, you’ve spent £2000 on a VIP table with bottles of Ciroc on a weekend to pose with before you go back to your box room whilst you’ve skinted yourself for the rest of the week, and for what?

Anyway, although that kind of materialistic fakery does annoy me, that’s not what I’m targeting this part of my blog at (just couldn’t help getting a little dig in, could I?). In all seriousness, the fakery I’m referring to is basically spending your valuable time doing things you don’t want to do. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but I am so much less willing to do anything I don’t want to just to save face. If I’m not feeling doing something, I don’t force it. I have no time for half-arsed friendships with people, what’s the point? I used to make so much effort towards friendships and people who brought nothing but negativity to my life, it was all so fake. I only associate with people who I know have my best interest at heart now, that’s maybe why I could count my friends on one hand now.

I just will not spend my free time doing things I don’t want to do. Forcing yourself to go places or doing things to please others is just not needed. You need to be selfish in your life or you will end up driving yourself crazy. I’m only here for genuine people now, genuine feelings and doing things that better my happiness and my life – I’m all about me and the people I love. I am also a lot more outspoken now. I’m still a nervous anxious wreck, but compared to how I used to be I do speak my mind a lot more. I used to hide my opinions and emotions on things in fear or upsetting other people’s egos, now I like to be genuine and straight to the point about things to make it less complicated and eliminate any fakery and bitchiness.

Don’t get me wrong I still crack a fake smile now and then to seem like less of a miserable bitch, but I am definitely a lot more conscious of what I put my time and effort into and who I include in my life. I think it’s safe to say I have the best people I could ask for in my life at the minute, even though my circle is small. I just cannot understand these people who need to be friends with everyone, is that not exhausting? There are still people my age with high school mentality of bitchniess, there’s even middle aged women with this mentality still (it’s just best to avoid these people at all costs). Faking to like people you simply cannot stand for the sake of it is not a bit of my anymore. I know who is genuine to me and although it makes me a little antisocial, I have my genuine friends and family and that’s that. I hate small talk and speaking for the sake of it, I want to have deep conversations with people I trust and love not talk about the shit English weather.

a mess of a generation

Last but not least, I just generally hate society. If you don’t wear designer clothing you’re not wealthy, if you didn’t get an 1st class degree in Science you’re not intelligent, if you don’t have over 2k Instagram followers you’re nothing. Cheating is normal, loyalty is rare and real people are just non-existent anymore. The female standard for men has dropped significantly, I see so many tweets about girls bigging up boys for being loyal to their girlfriends – don’t applaud a fish for swimming? I see viral videos of snobby spiceboys videoing overweight people in the gym taking the piss out of them for doing a more admirable thing than they could ever do, for a few likes on social media. I see massive multi-million pound companies ripping off young girls’ small business designs for a greedy profit. I see thousands of people in the comments of celebrities social media posts slagging them off hiding behind a keyboard. I see hundreds of people walking past a homeless man as though he is nothing. There’s not enough kindness and passion in the world, everyone is literally starting to look the same and it terrifies me and makes me want to shave all my hair off and do anything I can do look different.

I hate materialism and the whole idea that if you’re not attractive with enough followers behind you and a few endorsements from fashion brands then you’re not important. In my humble opinion, educated people who have done something for the world are far more interesting. I could sit and listen to an elderly person talk about their past experiences all day but I couldn’t sit for two minutes listening to someone say how they gained a few followers on Instagram. I know I sound hypocritical here, being an active user of Instagram and a frequent poster of selfies. But, it’s became normal to hate the society we are all part of. Perhaps this is why we are a generation of people who hate themselves. All we can do is sit back and watch an awful society that we have participated into and continue to say how much we hate it and would ‘love to have been born in another era’. I hate that I’m part of what I’ve just described.

And rant over. Like i said before, i’m not criticising anyone or implying that I am a perfect member of society which should lead by example. I am a mess. I make a lot of mistakes and I’ve probably been guilty of a few of the things I’ve mentioned. Nobody is perfect.

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