50 Reasons to Keep Fighting

1. The feeling you will get when you look back and feel glad that you did it.

2. That burst of excitement when you book a holiday or a flight.

3. Reminiscing with your friends about past memories, laughing with each other until you cry.

4. Finding someone to fall in love with who makes you nothing but happy.

5. Receiving some good news that you’ve been waiting so long for.

6. The process of recovery when you finally begin to see hope again.

7. Looking back on all of the lessons you have learnt and share your story to tell others.

8. Mastering a new skill that you’ve been working an hard towards.

9. Re-visiting a childhood place that you loved, where all the memories come flooding back.

10. The pride you will feel in yourself knowing that you’ve defeated your demons.

11. That feeling you get when someone tells you that they’re proud of you.

12. Stepping off an aeroplane as the heat hits you, feeling so excited to explore a new place.

13. Meeting up with an old friend and seeing their face reminds you of great memories.

14. The good days, where you’re filled with motivation and have a realisation that you can do this.

15. The day you build your own family of people who love you unconditionally.

16. Getting that dream job and being able to say goodbye to your old one.

17. Finally completing a task that has been hanging over you for so long, the feeling of accomplishment and progress you get afterwards.

18. Your birthday, when everyone shares their love for you as they celebrate you simply being alive.

19. When your dog or pet looks up at you and you feel how much they rely on you, how without you here they would be completely lost.

20. The night before a long-anticipated event or holiday, unable to sleep with excitement.

21. Receiving a new qualification or reaching a goal that you’ve put so much effort into. 

22. Getting all dressed up and feeling confident after so many days of feeling so low and worthless.

23. The moment of realisation that you do, in fact, want to be on this earth.

24. The gratefulness you will feel that you stayed strong and didn’t do it.

25. The day that you wake up and feel happiness, once your demons have passed.

26. Having a child of your own and being able to carry your character, personality and values throughout another generation.

27. Giving someone a gift and the feeling you get seeing how happy you have made them. 

28. When someone says ‘thank you’ for being there, showing appreciation for your existence.

29. A beautiful sunset, when you stare in disbelief at how beautiful this world can truly be.

30. Having a full weekend packed with planned activities to enjoy with a loved one.

31. Laughing at stupid things with your friends and feeling like a child again.

32. Looking back on your life and feeling proud for all you have accomplished.

33. Driving home from work on a Friday, the sun is shining and you look forward to being free with your time.

34. Travelling.

35. The moment that somebody you care about tells you that they love you, how warm and wanted this makes you feel.

36. Moving into a new home, of your own, decorated and laid out exactly how you want.

37. Attending a festival that you look forward to all year, the excitement you feel as you wait to go in.

38. Going to your favourite restaurant with good company.

39. Hearing positive things that people have said about you when you’re not around.

40. When the bad times pass, you can look back and feel thankful for how strong they have made you.

41. Being old, wise and fully relaxed knowing you lived your life to the fullest.

42. Those little moments where you realise how precious life is, how the things we worry about don’t matter.

43. Seeing someone you haven’t seen in a long time and watching their face light up with a smile the second they see you.

44. The time after recovery when you can look back, realise how wrong you were to consider suicide and have a genuine desire to be alive.

45. The people you will leave behind, left devastated at their lost and will do anything to have you back.

46. Every life you have touched will be affected when you leave, although it may not feel like it now, you will be such a huge loss to the world.

47. Reaching a fitness goal, feeling confident for the first time in years.

48. Having one of those priceless moments that you know will be a fond memory forever.

49. There is no greater strength that overcoming depression, yet after recovery you can feel like the proudest person in the world.

50. Bad times pass. Every depressive episode passes. I don’t care how bad things are, how much they feel like they can’t get better – they can. There are ways we can change every aspect of our lives, whatever is making you unhappy can and will change. There are a million reasons to never commit suicide, but not a single valid reason why you should. You can always overcome this.

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