100 Beautiful Things to be Thankful For

  1. Being alive
  2. Having people in your life who care about you
  3. Money in the bank
  4. A roof over your head
  5. Friends
  6. Good health
  7. The independence to move around on your own
  8. Possibilities and opportunities of life
  9. A mother who loves you
  10. Good memories to reflect on
  11. Being proud of what you’ve achieved
  12. Your job and the chance to work for money
  13. A stranger who smiles at you in the street
  14. Charity workers working to help your situation
  15. Somebody loves you
  16. Your cute dog
  17. The ability to laugh
  18. Your favourite TV show
  19. The chance to travel
  20. Your favourite food
  21. A caring family
  22. The lessons you’ve learned from life
  23. The fact that there is always something to look forward to
  24. An enormous world filled with chances
  25. A bed to go home to after your day
  26. Clothes to wear on your back
  27. A mobile phone to communicate around the world
  28. The ability to walk anywhere you like
  29. Leaving the house
  30. The chance to change your life whenever you please
  31. Air to breathe
  32. A car to drive
  33. All of the nice things you own
  34. Somebody trusts you
  35. Being able to rely on someone else
  36. Days off to just do nothing
  37. Your favourite restaurant
  38. Affording food
  39. Being able to take a shower
  40. Having somewhere to call home
  41. The ability to speak and share your views
  42. Sharing special moments with special people
  43. Knowing that you are alive right now
  44. Knowing there is always someone worse off than you
  45. You have shoes to wear
  46. You own a TV to watch
  47. The ability to wake up in the morning for another day
  48. Going to sleep at night without worry
  49. Being able to smile
  50. Building valuable relationships with people
  51. How excited your dog gets when they see you
  52. The opportunity to educate yourself
  53. The freedom to live however you want
  54. Thoughts inside your head that can make you smile
  55. Being missed by someone
  56. Having two eyes, a nose and a mouth
  57. Being able to hear the sounds of the world
  58. Music
  59. The ability to converse and talk to others
  60. Having hands which can do incredible things
  61. Being part of the powerful human race
  62. Childhood memories that make us smile
  63. A favourite place that we can visit whenever we like
  64. Having fun
  65. Creating memories
  66. The ability to visit new places
  67. Looking forward to a new chapter in life
  68. The power to change our lives
  69. The ability to make someone else’s day
  70. Being able to read and write
  71. Animals
  72. Having a kitchen to make food in
  73. Money in the bank to buy nice things with
  74. Access to electricity
  75. When the sun shines onto earth
  76. A starry sky at night
  77. The feeling of love
  78. Access to clean water
  79. Beautiful views of the world
  80. The privacy of your own mind
  81. Children
  82. Building your own family
  83. People in the world who are willing to help you
  84. Being able to exercise
  85. Not worrying about death
  86. The ability to feel happy and smile
  87. Having things to look forward to
  88. Receiving gifts given from the kindness of others
  89. Laughing
  90. People respecting your opinions
  91. Children looking up to you
  92. Being found attractive by other people
  93. Dancing
  94. The days where we feel good
  95. Someone caring about how we are
  96. The ability to be warm and cosy
  97. Our own bedroom, house, space to unwind and be ourselves
  98. Having our own complex personality like no others
  99. Loved ones
  100. Life

When you stop focusing on what you don’t have and be thankful for the endless list of things you do have, you will realise the value of your life.

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