3 Natural Anxiety Remedies you Need to Try

Whether you’re overwhelmed after a long and stressful day or are considering supplements within your diet and lifestyle that will make you live calmly, here are the top natural remedies for anxiety that are easily accessed on the market.

We Love you Lavender

We all know what lavender is and it certainly smells gorgeous, but did you know that lavender has calming benefits which aids sleep and minimises stress? Whether you simply buy a bunch to smell or seek out the many lavender infusions and candles which will gradually fill your home with calming aromas, there are endless ways to introduce lavender into your home – even lavender infused pillows and sleep oils designed to help you fall asleep!

CBD Oil It Up!

I feel like CBD oil and supplements have a bad name due to the association with the illegal drug Cannabis. CBD oil is entirely legal and can be purchased ethically on the high street in health stores such as Holland and Barrett. CBD oil is a natural supplement used for many health benefits and is commonly used to relieve the symptoms of anxiety. Using CBD oil has no side effects and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine through handy spray bottles or drop bottles. Daily use is believed to aid anxiety and allow you to benefit from a calmer mind – win, win!

Aromatherapy is Life

I know what you’re thinking: how on earth is a nice smell going to stop my anxiety? Well, obviously the right aroma isn’t going to eliminate you’re problems like magic, but they certainly lift some symptoms and calm your mind to an extent. The endless aromas available in the world have differing effects to a person, I find it so interesting the concept of aromatherapy and would definitely recommend reading up on what it can offer – who knows, I may even write a blog post about it! I’m obsessed with nice smells and would recommend incense sticks and humidifiers to anyone who will listen (just don’t set the fire alarms off like I often do).

I hope I didn’t sound too much like a hippy but natural remedies for anxiety are a big part of my self-care process. There’s nothing I love more than chilling in my own apartment, filled with incense sticks and calming music to unwind after a stressful day – the right environment is everything and your surroundings absolutely determine your mindset so choose wisely!

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