Why is ‘Self-Confidence’ a Bad Word?

In our society (and potentially every society before us) we are a world full of awkward compliment-receivers. When someone compliments us, we don’t know how to handle it because as humans, we aren’t necessarily expected to like ourselves. Does this look familiar?

“I love your hair today!”

“Really? It’s a mess!”

When receiving compliments, we tend to add a negative comment about ourselves or even decline the compliment all together. Why? We have grown in a society that tells us that self-confidence is wrong and to admire your own appearance is arrogant, selfish and rude. We are made to believe that self-confidence decreases our likeability, as we come across as ‘full of ourselves’ or ‘in love with ourselves’. Imagine, just imagine the reaction if we accepted a compliment like:

“You look so nice today”

“Thank you, I know I do!”

Imagine their faces. You would most likely be met with a strange glare and that person may potentially never speak to you again, let alone pay another complement to you. They would be dying to tell anyone who will listen how self-centred, arrogant and unlikeable you are for simply liking the way you look.

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We are constantly told to love ourselves, show empowerment to others and be thriving women, yet when we do we are met with unpleasant looks and a bad perception of our personalities. Yet, if we insult ourselves and don’t show any love for our own appearance, we are considered cute, likeable and modest.

We wonder why there is a rising generation of insecure, anxious individuals who hate our own appearance; a rise in plastic surgery, cosmetics, anything we can do to adjust our natural being. Society preaches self-confidence and empowerment but punishes those who practice it. That is wrong – self-confidence isn’t arrogance and doesn’t make someone a bad person, it is a self-loving trait we should all share in order to be happy.

We should be allowed to accept compliments and share nice thoughts about ourselves, it should not be considered more admirable to criticise our looks than it is to accept a nice comment. It shouldn’t be an awkward experience to accept a compliment or talk about ourselves, we should thrive and empower others and praise self-confidence.

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Be in love with yourself, appreciate your beauty and never put yourself down to please anyone. Lift others up, compliment the world but remember to praise yourself too. Love yourself more than anyone possibly could because nothing is more important than your own happiness – stuff the stigma and be CONFIDENT!

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