TRICK Launch Warehouse Project 2019

Patrick Topping was one of the first DJs that kickstarted my passion for electronic music, and I have lost count at how many times I have seen a set of his. So, naturally I was buzzing to hear about him releasing his own label and even more excited to attend one of the events.

I have been attending WHP for years and to be able to attend my first Trick event in the new Depot venue in a Manchester was a dream, and it definitely delivered in all areas. Here’s my review of what went down…

The Line Up

The lineup took me slightly by surprise, but definitely a pleasant surprise. Patrick Topping establishes his name in the tech house scene years ago, and I think once a DJ has developed into that scene it can be difficult to shake it off.

When I first started going to see Patrick Topping when I was around 18 years old, it was all about Voicemail and some funky tech house tracks. However, through the years he’s definitely gone into some darker areas of heavier techno in his sets which I have absolutely loved. The music at Trick varied and there was some acid-techno moments, which really sets Trick label as something outside of tech house, heavier and definitely unique.

It’s clear than his Trick label is not strictly tech house, and this line up displays that perfectly. He has included some not-so-commercial names and heavier techno artists which may have surprised some people, but it definitely presents Trick as a new and unique label aside from all the tech house labels which are out there.

I personally think Patrick Topping has his own sound and you can identify it from a mile away, so it’s only natural that his Trick label is just as unique. Blending together tech house and heavier techno with some uncommercial DJs in this lineup created the perfect event for me, and for the rest of the 10,000 others in the event it seemed.

The Venue

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have heard of The Depot at Mayfield, the new venue for a Warehouse Project. I’ve been to this venue a few times before the Trick event and it is amazing for a rave – huge, industrial and a little big dirty.

This is the first Trick event I attended, but I’ve taken a look at the social media posts of previous events and I definitely expected big things from the Trick WHP event, which were delivered. The Depot was transformed for this event, the Trick team clearly wanted to make their mark on the huge venue when they definitely achieved through huge fluffy light-up clouds and even bigger neon signs of lightning strikes. The venue was all Trick’d up and it looked amazing and definitely added to the overall experience, if you’re like me and you love a visual and neon light or two.

The People

Patrick Topping is a well known DJ, and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over my experiences: the less commercial the event, the better the atmosphere. People might want to fight me on this, but it’s a personal preference for me. I feel like the crowd at a minimal techno scene is just better than a house event, but I won’t go into all of that controversy right now…

HOWEVER, I can’t fault the atmosphere or crowd at the Trick event. Everyone was there for the music and you can’t really deny it. Patrick Topping makes it viral via social media a lot simply because he knows how to get a crowd going and drops some unreal tracks – so naturally people will record and take videos for memories, it’s just the society we’re in now and to be honest it is how DJ’s make it big these days.

I love a crowd where there is singing, people on shoulders and everyone is just generally having an unreal time. I will love Trick events for this because it is clear that this is going to be the case every time. There definitely was different atmospheres in the depot and the concourse – especially between Patrick Topping and Paco Osuna which I switched between towards the end. But the best part about the Trick event in The Depot is you had a choice of atmospheres and both were amazing, and being able to switch from a jam-packed Topping set to a fairly empty heavier Paco Osuna set in the same venue was amazing, and is pretty rare to get at an event.


The Trick event was amazing, as expected. Patrick Topping clearly gets so involved in his events, and his efforts show.

It’s not exactly common to see the headlining DJ himself walking through the crowd like a normal attendee, which was just amazing. One of the biggest DJs on the scene and I turn to my right and see him walking through and enjoying his own event was so nice to see, and sadly very rare for popular DJs.

Trick events are definitely needed on the rave scene and there’s definitely massive things for the label, I cannot wait to see what events Trick will bring!

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