The Girl Behind the Blog

 I grew tired of social media and endless damaging comparison to unrealistic expectations in terms of mind, body and life quality in general. I see straight through the Instagram filters and polished photos of social media and the majority of the time, disagree with the mass social values of modern society. Thus, Beauty by Disaster was born and she continues to grow everyday! Writing is my passion and what better way to outlet my frustrations with society than through a blog?

My name is Nikita Alexander. I am currently a a Social Media and Web Content Creator and Freelance Writer with an English Language and Literature Bachelor Honour’s Degree, a Post Graduate Certificate in Psychology, with employed experience and knowledge in the marketing industry. Beauty by Disaster’s content is all produced by me, based around my life experience. I’m no Doctor, but I know how it feels to be at your lowest and I am more than aware of how much of an impact mental health implications can have on a person. I’m here to share with you all that has helped me personally, inspire you to carry on and remind you that it’s okay to be a bit of a mess sometimes.